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Our 22nd Annual Concert Series Begins November 3

Order reservations for our first three concerts here.  It promises to be an exciting season with old favorites and new faces!

Please Note: We do not issue tickets.  When you complete the Pay Pal ordering process, you’ll see your confirmation of payment. You should simply PRINT that confirmation and bring it to the venue on the evening of the concert.  If you forget to print it, you can log into your PayPal account and retrieve your receipt there.  And even if you can not bring a receipt, your name will be on a list at the door on the night of the concert, so we can confirm you then!  No worries!

November  3 – New Leaf    $16 ($14 for members)

An Evening of traditional Irish music with a blend of accordion, fiddle and guitar opens our 2018-19 Concert Series. New Leaf is John Tabb, known for his box playing, on button accordion, Kira Jewett, an All-Ireland fiddle Slow Airs Champion, on fiddle and singer/songwriter Adam Braunschweig on guitar, vocals and anything else he happens to bring on a typical evening – could be harmonica, tenor banjo or even an octave mandolin. Together they play traditional tunes with tight, driving rhythm, interspersed with Adam’s unique take on Ireland’s song repertoire. See their web site.


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November 17 – The Hot Flashes  $18 ($16 for members)

The Hot Flashes are an exciting and eclectic group fronted by three female vocalists Amy Gallatin, guitarist Gail Wade, and multi-instrumentalist Peggy Harvey, who have made a name for themselves on the New England music scene showcasing their tight vocal harmonies and jazzy acoustic stylings. See their web site.

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December 1 – Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem – $20 ($18 for members)

“In the lineage of string bands who blur the boundaries of American roots music, Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem have always been standard- bearers, with a particular knack for pairing words and music. From bluegrass barnstormers to sultry swing, old-time gospel to bluesy folk-rock, they consistently turn in lush arrangements with “stylish, unexpected choices” (Acoustic Guitar). See their web site.


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Upcoming Concerts – Come back soon for ticket reservations…

  • January 5 – BUS13
  • February 2 – Grass Routes
  • March 2 – Hot Club of News England
  • March 16 – Dierdre Flint
  • March 30 – Dirt Road Sweatheart
  • April 13 – Michelle Wiley Group
  • April 27 – Porch Party Mamas
  • May 4 – Gil Gutierrez Strings

Plus concerts to be added on January 19 and February 17.