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2018 Summer Nature Camp

Sponsored by the Park and the Town of Windsor...
Camp Information Packet

About Nature Camp

We are looking forward to another wonderful summer filled with laughter, learning, and adventure. Registration for Nature Camp is now open. Click here to Download the Themes and Dates for 2018.

Northwest Park Summer Nature Camp gives young people the tools to enjoy a great summer of fun, friendship in a positive, safe environment with cool themes for all ages Pre K- to 8. Your camper will experience indoor and outdoor games, campouts and field trips for grades 4 to 8, with activities that will help them grow. Camping teaches self-reliance, a love for nature, and the development of attitudes and practices that build character and leadership—all amidst the traditional fun of camp. For more details and registration information, visit www.townofwindsorct.com/recreation, call 860-285-1886, or visit the Northwest Park Nature Center.

Junior Counselor Information

The Junior Counselor Certification Program (JCCP) is a pre-counselor training program for youth ages 14-17 which focuses on gaining the skills necessary to become a camp counselor.

Why Be a Junior Counselor?
• Gain a behind-the-scenes experience of the camp community.
• Establish job and character references.
• Gain personal growth and expanded self-esteem through leadership opportunities.
• Gain an ability to work with children and adults in a camp community.

Camp Information

The 2018 Summer Camp week-long programs will run for 7 weeks from June 25 – August 10.  For more information, call Jen Filer (860-285-1886) or email her at filer@townofwindsorct.com.

Want to Help?

With your donation of the following needed items, our camp staff is able to create many crafts and complete many activities with our campers. So, if you need to clean out the kitchen, bedrooms, garage or basement, now is the time. Please be sure items are clean and usable. You can drop off items at the Nature Center. THANKS!


Items Needed

  • non-patterned bed sheets
  • black nylons/tights
  • brown nylons/tights
  • nylons, tights or stockings, any color
  • half pint water bottles
  • shoe boxes
  • 2-liter bottles
  • adult socks
  • cereal boxes
  • tennis balls, flat ones are ok
  • wrapping paper tubes
  • film canisters
  • empty thread spools
  • baby food jars
  • white tee shirts (youth sizes)
  • bath size towels
  • clear plastic jars
  • large stainless steel pot
  • plastic grocery bags Paper grocery bags
  •  chicken wire