Trail Hike Challenge

now until October 14th, 2022

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Complete the NWP Trail Hike Challenge and get yourself this great looking badge!

Take the Trail Hike Challenge! Hike the entire length of each of the park's trails by October 14, 2022. You do not need to hike them all in one day. Use the log sheet to document your success as you go. Once you complete all the trails, submit your log sheet to join the Hiker’s Honor Roll and receive a badge. Be sure to fill in all your information clearly, then submit your information with the form below, or bring your completed sheet to the Nature Center at the park.


Trail Hike Challenge Submission Form

    Honor Roll

    Congratulations to those who have already completed the challenge!


    Complete the challenge and your name will be here!


    Nancee Giannini East Windsor
    Louis Giannini East Windsor
    Christine Vogel Windsor
    Patty Kupchunos Windsor
    LouAnne McDonald Windsor
    Diane Higgins Poquonock
    Louis Ginnini East Windsor
    Nancee Giannini East Windsor
    Chuck Drake Windsor
    Cathy Drake Windsor
    Judy Starkweather Manchester
    Mark Bednarz Windsor
    Arthur Provost Windsor
    Rosie Courtney Poquonock
    Jennifer Filer Windsor
    Katie Virdokian Windsor
    Rania Virdokian Windsor
    Jerome Virdokian Windsor
    Trish Poirier Windsor
    Tom Tabaczynski Hamden
    Suzanne Soucy East Granby
    Michael Taylor Windsor
    Heather Bale Bloomfield