We are excited to announce that we have switched from an annual membership (January-December) to a rolling membership. This means that your membership will now last for a full year from the date you join or renew, rather than being tied to a calendar year.

The advantage of this change is that you can now enjoy a full year of membership benefits, regardless of when you join. For example, if you join in June, your membership will still last for a full year until June of the following year, rather than expiring at the end of December.

Please note that you do not need to do anything to take advantage of this change – it is simply an announcement to inform you of the new policy.

In the coming days, some of you may receive an email or postal letter notifying you of the change. In these instances, (where manual changes were made), it was only to extend memberships, ensuring each membership receives a full years’ benefit. If you don’t receive an email or postal letter, it is only because there is no need to modify your membership details as you are already receiving the full benefit.

Moving forward, each member will receive renewal notifications and reminders leading up to the expiration of your membership.

We hope that this change will make our membership program more accessible and convenient for all of our members. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email below.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best regards,

Ayse Adams
Membership Manager