Gardening Competition

Get ready to showcase your green thumb at this year’s Country Fair Gardening Competition! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this competition is your chance to shine. We welcome both online and in-person submissions, making it easier than ever to share your gardening achievements with the community.

Online Submissions:

If you encounter issues with the online form submissions, you can email submissions with all required data (as described below in the rules), to, subject: Gardening Competition.



  • Single Stem: Show off the beauty and uniqueness of a single flower stem.
  • Three Stem: Arrange three complementary flowers in a captivating display.
  • Mixed Bouquet: Combine an array of flowers to create a stunning bouquet.
  • Dried: Demonstrate your talent for preserving the beauty of flowers through drying techniques.


  • Large: Showcase your impressively sized vegetables, be it a giant pumpkin, a massive zucchini, or any other sizable produce.
  • Small: Highlight the charm and precision of your miniature veggies, from baby carrots to tiny cherry tomatoes.
  • Herbs: Display your collection of fragrant and flavorful herbs, emphasizing their quality and variety.

Rules and Regulations:


  • The competition is open to residents of Windsor, CT and members of the Friends of NWP from surrounding areas.

Submission Guidelines:

Online Submissions: Submit high-resolution photographs of your entries through the official competition website. Each photograph should clearly showcase the entry from multiple angles.

In-Person Submissions: Bring your entries to the Nature Center at Northwest Park (145 Lang Road, Windsor, CT) – Friday, September 29, 8:30am to 4:30pm, or by 10am September 30th. Entries must be properly labeled with the participant’s name, category, and sub-category. Late entries will not be accepted.  Please make effort to provide your own container/vessel/vase.  If you cannot, please contact

Judging Criteria:

Flowers: Visual appeal and overall presentation.
Health, freshness, and quality of the blooms.
Creativity in design and arrangement.

Vegetables: Size, shape, and uniformity (for large and small categories). Freshness, color, and overall quality. Diversity and range of herb varieties (for herb category).


Online Submissions: Sunday – September 15th, end of day.

In-Person Submissions: Nature Center at Northwest Park (145 Lang Road, Windsor, CT) – Friday, September 29, 8:30am to 4:30pm, or by 10am September 30th.

Judging and Recognition:

Winners will be announced at the specified time during the Country Fair and later published on the website.

Entries will be displayed prominently during the fair for public viewing.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your gardening prowess and be recognized for your talent. Join the Country Fair Gardening Competition today and let your blooming creations dazzle the world!

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